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Our Guide To Buying Vintage

The rise of fast fashion alongside an intensifying societal cling to nostalgia has sparked a retail renaissance. As a youthful generation of shoppers long to relive the romanticised peaks of the 90s and the carefree allure of the early 2000s, vintage shopping has slowly started eclipsing the high street.

Despite the increased availability of desirable pieces on secondary markets, buying vintage isn’t always easy, but; if you’re willing to take the risk and invest the time, an Avirex jacket with far more life to give could be yours for the taking.

The Rise of Fake Vintage Clothing

On the surface, thrifting, or shopping for vintage pieces, bares no risk. Why would it? You’re only buying pre-loved clothing, after all. While this is true, increased accessibility to fake products through the internet has seen thrift stores and vintage markets infiltrated by a heavier stream of counterfeit products.

How to Buy Vintage Clothes with Confidence

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. As sellers, predominantly within Gen Z, have flocked towards secondary markets like Vinted, Depop, and Grailed, platforms have looked to increase the level of diligence afforded to buyers through authentication programs.

At a slightly increased price on the buyer’s end of the transaction, you can buy in good faith, knowing your product is authentic.

For those looking for a second or third opinion, fan-ran Facebook groups offer a hive of information and expertise, with members quick to extend a hand in authenticating products while buying and selling their own.

Finding Vintage: Online vs Offline

While the internet and its diverse array of marketplace platforms have increased accessibility to the market, making it easier than ever to find your Avirex grails, traditional brick-and-mortar stores and markets remain viable options for the more experienced shopper to secure their grails.

Better yet, you can shop pre-loved Avirex styles like the one below, stress-free directly from our site, for complete peace of mind.

Avirex Long Island Vintage Jacket

Buying Vintage: More Than Just a Bargain

Whether your intention when shopping vintage is to secure a long-since discounted product, an era-specific piece, or to reduce your consumption of new products, the rise of vintage across digital and physical marketplaces has removed much of the legwork required in sourcing and obtaining pre-loved pieces, while also offering the tools required to ensure your shopping experience is a success.

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