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Avirex On Air

We are thrilled to unveil our very first podcast series: Avirex On Air. Throughout this series, we have had the privilege of hosting an array of guests from different backgrounds who have generously shared their profound insights into the enduring significance of Avirex over the years.

Episode 1: Mia Dellosso-Caputo, the Lead US Designer of Avirex

In our inaugural episode, we were honoured to sit down with none other than Mia Dellosso-Caputo, the lead US designer of our iconic brand. With an impressive tenure at Avirex dating back to 1998, Mia's expertise and knowledge is unparalleled. She took time out of her busy schedule for a one-day round trip from New York to sit down for a thought-provoking conversation with Chuckie and Franklin Boateng, also known as the King of Trainers. During this enlightening episode, Mia delved into a range of topics, providing insights into the brand's aviation heritage and design processes as well as some stories that have never been heard before.

The dialogue extended to the treasure trove of custom creations meticulously crafted for some of the most prominent American superstars of the 90s and 2000s, including Method Man, Snoop Dogg, and Dr Dre. It's fascinating to note that even after more than two decades, Avirex still partners with the same tanneries to produce jackets, keeping them as faithful to the originals as possible. Mia also recounted the pivotal moment when The Notorious B.I.G adorned an early Goaler Jacket on the cover of The Rolling Stone Magazine.

Mia's involvement in expanding Avirex's global presence during the 2000s played a pivotal role in it’s long standing, premium reputation. She revealed that she only truly comprehended the worldwide reach of their work when the brand lay dormant for a period and she embarked on extensive travels. Both Franklin and Chuckie acknowledged the role of individuals like Megaman & Oxide Neutrino from So Solid Crew, crediting them with the jackets' transformation into a status symbol in the UK. This transformation particularly influenced Lethal Bizzle & Ozzie B’s More Fire Crew, who continued to champion the Avirex brand, inspiring the next wave of young Grime artists that followed.

A notable anecdote shared by Mia struck a chord with all Avirex owners: the unspoken rule of never removing your jacket while in the club, regardless of the circumstances.

Episode 2: Kenny Allstar and Strandz Discuss Avirex's Impact on Hip-Hop

Avirex On Air, Strandz, Kenny Allstar and Chuckie

In the captivating Episode 2 of Avirex On Air, Chuckie engages in a dynamic conversation with none other than Kenny Allstar, the Voice Of The Streets and the esteemed host of Radio 1's rap show. Joining them is Strandz, a rapidly rising star gaining traction in the UK music scene, whose unique soundscapes evoke a sense of positively eerie nostalgia.

As the episode unfolds, Strandz offers a fresh perspective. While Avirex remained off his fashion radar during his school days, the brand's recent resurgence and lasting impact on Hip-Hop has made him an admirer. This episode delves into the symbiotic relationship between the two, illustrating how a single lyric in Skepta and JME’s ‘That’s Not Me’ inspired a whole wave of Brits to shed their designer garments and join the Tracksuit Mafia. Avirex emerges as a powerhouse that spans generations and genres, standing as a living testament to the enduring power of cultural resonance.

Later, Kenny reflects on the weight of being one of the UK’s leading tastemakers, saying, “I’m 'tryna get an oat milk latte, and someone’s literally spitting a 32-bar at me.” There’s certainly a lesson to be learned from Kenny’s perspective on artists attempting shortcuts in the face of Avirex’s long-standing reputation.

Strandz shares his experience of handling the pressure that comes with the success of his hit records ‘Us Against The World’ & ‘J’Adore’. For him, it's not pressure; it's more like a "Supercharger".

Episode 3: Poet, Carlotta and Morgan Discuss Avirex as a Cultural Phenomenon

Avirex On Air, Carlotta Constant, Poet, Morgan Lockwood

Episode 3 sees Chuckie catching up with his Halfcast Podcast co-host and one half of the Gasworks Show, Poet. Joining them are celebrity stylist Carlotta Constant and Now Or Never Entertainment founder, as well as The Basement’s Head of Music, Morgan Lockwood James.

In the third and final instalment of the series, Poet & Chuckie echo Franklin’s earlier sentiment about Avirex being a "Food Chain" indicator, raising concerns for owners who weren't "Thorough." In certain areas, wearing your jacket, particularly at Brixton McDonald's or in Central London, could lead to getting “Stripped for your Avirex.”



Carlotta emphasizes how Avirex is a constant presence on her mood boards, thanks to its deep-rooted place in Hip-Hop history, courtesy of Nas, Biggie, and more. Morgan contends that Avirex is fortunate, as it will forever be linked with Hip-Hop/Rap due to its presence during the "most important, heavily referenced" junctures in musical history.

Poet and Morgan discuss how TikTok is evolving into the primary search engine for young individuals due to its "greater reliability" and faster access to specific needs. The quartet discusses how the content space is becoming oversaturated and how they believe purposeful content creation can counteract this trend.

Be sure to head over to YouTube & Spotify to listen to the podcast in its entirety. Let us know who you'd like to see on the next series!

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