Avirex x Trapstar Icon LDN Leather Jacket

Avirex x Trapstar

December 2023 sees the launch of the TRAPSTAR & Avirex USA collaboration. It aims to encapsulate the essence of what it means to be an icon in the modern context, with leading campaign face, Rapper ROB49 photographed in Miami.

A celebrated name in UK and European streetwear, TRAPSTAR has a reputation for championing a flourishing community while, us here at Avirex are notorious for leading the way with our statement leather jackets. Having left an indelible mark on the worlds of hip-hop and fashion for several decades, we decided here at Avirex it only felt right to collaborate with TRAPSTAR and make something for the people that drive these communities. The collaboration blends the heroic style of an Avirex leather jacket with the influential streetwear legacy of TRAPSTAR, resulting in a limited edition collection that goes beyond cultural, and fashion norms. The first teaser of the collection was revealed across TRAPSTAR and our social media channels back in September 2023, and now we’ve confirmed Sunday 17th December 2023 as the drop date.

Avirex x Trapstar Irongate Leather Jacket

The overarching message is one of inspiration—how the journey and lifestyle of an icon, as embodied by TRAPSTAR and Avirex, can serve as a source of motivation for others to pursue their crafts and turn dreams into reality. Our collaborative effort is not just about clothing; it's a narrative that seeks to inspire individuals to embrace their uniqueness, follow their passions, and leave a lasting impact on the world. The centrepiece of this collaboration is a series of statement leather jackets, symbolising a timeless and enduring style that resonates with both brands' respected status. These jackets serve as a tangible representation of the collaborative effort, acting as a statement piece that embodies the spirit of being an icon in the current cultural landscape. In addition to the leather jackets, the anticipated collection extends to a diverse range of apparel, including heavyweight hooded and crewneck sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps and beanie hats. By bringing together TRAPSTAR's streetwear legacy and our indelible jacket designs, the collaboration creates a powerful synergy that speaks to the shared ethos of both brands.

Avirex x Trapstar Irongate Sweatshirt

The campaign accompanying the collaboration aims to articulate and showcase what it truly means to be iconic in the contemporary landscape. It goes beyond the superficial aspects of fashion, delving into the lifestyle and values associated with being an icon. Established in 1975, we (Avirex) have roots in the US military, most famous for our iconic Maverick leather flight jacket. The timeless designs, graphic badging and high-quality fabrication has maintained its iconic reputation. Highly sought after by musicians and celebrities, our Avirex jackets have been seen on the likes of Ludacris, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and most recently British rappers Aitch, Stormzy and Lancey Foux, Nigerian singer Burna Boy, British TV presenters Maya Jama and Amelia Dimoldenberg and English footballers Jessie Lingard and Reece James.

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