Catch up with The King of Trainers

Catch up with The King of Trainers

This month we caught up with the King of Trainers, the man behind our Avirex pop-up store in Shoreditch. To hear about all things Avirex store related, read on... 

Can you tell us who the King of Trainers is and where it all started for you? 

Hey yes the King Of Trainers was nickname from school my mum loved tennis and would buy me all the trainers that tennis players wore because she loved the quality and they happened to be some of the best trainers on the market, so the kids in my school will call me King Of Trainers.  

What drew you to Avirex and why you love the brand? 

I grew up on hip-hop and seeing people like The Notorious Big, Mobb Deep, Nas, and Puff Daddy in Avirex Jackets so they have always had this allure not to mention Tom Cruise in the original Top Gun.  

What has been your favourite thing about running the Avirex store? 

My favourite thing is seeing people pass the store and say “OMG Avirex is back” or when they come in I let them try on the jackets they say “WOW this takes me back”. Just seeing them happy makes me happy. 

What do you love about vintage fashion? 

I love everything about vintage fashion its sustainable plus you can find bits that no one else has. Especially if you visit my other store @Rxtrostore you will find premium vintage of stuff that hasn’t been worn before with tags!! 

How did you get into fashion? 

I have been into fashion all my life especially trainers which I fell in love with in the 80’s because of my mums obsession with Tennis and her buying me all the Tennis trainers in the 80’s and early 90’s which garnered me the nickname of King Of Trainers. 

What is your go to Avirex piece right now? 

My go to Avirex piece is my blue ombre Icon jacket that I got from the store I am totally in love with that jacket it fades from light blue to a lighter blue and matches my recent ellesse tanker collaboration.  

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is sometimes wild and sometimes calm I like to have feature pieces like a good nice pair of trainers or a jacket just sets off the outfit! 


Can you talk us through what a day at work for you with Avirex looks like? 

Okay where do I start lol! So in the morning I get up around 5/6am and get ready then around 8am- I reply back to all the emails from HQ about stock, shoots, items needed for celebrities… then I head to the shop. During the week PJ my staff covers Mon-Friday then I have other staff for weekends, (sometimes I cover some days) I hang out at the store till and make sure the stockroom and everywhere is clean and presentable. Some days PJ and myself might shoot some content for the new jackets we have or take pictures a. I then reply to more emails loll’s. Then at the end of the day we clean up all and make sure everything is presentable for Sales the next day. 

What is the most popular item in store right now and tell us how you would style it?  

The most popular item is the ICON Jackets in all colours and I will make sure I have a nice pair of trainers that match the Jacket. 

Who are your biggest fashion inspirations? 

That’s a great question. Am I allowed to say myself lol. I have a few favourite celebrities but I have to salute the street guys because when I was younger it was the older guys that used to take their fashion seriously. They had all the latest trainers and clothing. But I have to say I was one of the first people in Tottenham where I am from who bought at Avirex Jacket in the 90’s which was a very big deal.  

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