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Avirex Jacket Styling Essentials

When a piece of clothing is closely aligned with beloved, nostalgic moments in subcultural history, like an Avirex leather jacket, it’s easy to feel an obligation to style it in the same way. Whether to pay homage or to relive an era vicariously through it, what may feel like the right way to wear an Avirex jacket, isn’t the only way.

Avirex Jackets in Popular Culture

During the late 90s and early 2000s, as hip hop’s influence took hold on popular culture outside of the US, Avirex leather jackets retained their status as the outerwear of tastemakers and cross-cultural icons. At the time, streetwear favoured oversized silhouettes, serving as somewhat of high-end fashion’s antithesis, with Avirex typically adopted in larger sizing, complimenting boot-cut pant styles and bulkier footwear silhouettes like the Nike Air Force 1 or Timberland 6-inch boot.

Burna Boy wearing an Avirex jacket

Generational Shifts and Personal Style

With the changing of the guard that comes naturally with generational shifts, the pressures of conforming to the stylistic trends established by celebrities have waned, allowing personal style to shine through.

Fashion’s nostalgic take on style trends has seen looser pant silhouettes such as cargos and parachute pants dominate once more, serving the perfect balance to the statement style afforded by an Avirex jacket. Simplistic in detail and fabrication with an emphasis on silhouette, these pant options provide shape while maintaining focus on the bold nature of Avirex outerwear.

Carlotta Constant wearing Avirex Jacket

Versatility is Key: There Are No Rules

While these may serve as an effortless take on daily streetwear dress, the beauty of an Avirex jacket is the ability to dress it up or down.

Paired with a white or black button-up shirt, tailored trousers, and boots or high-shine Derbys, you can elevate your jacket while injecting smarter looks with a touch of flair. Moreover, the versatility of your favourite Avirex jacket shouldn’t go overlooked, as the approach of milder Autumn/Winter conditions still allows for simplistic, ultra-casual pairing with jersey shorts, a plain white tee, and a pair of Nike or Salomon sneakers to bring in the seasonal transition in style.

Avirex Pink Icon Jacket

While Avirex’s subcultural history has plenty of inspiration to offer, the versatility of your jacket makes one thing clear; there are no rules.

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